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Bavarian Reserve Artillery Officer's Pickelhaube with Case

Genuine "Balltop" Bavarian in Absolute Mint condition

$3 250.00
Bavarian Reserve Artillery Officer's Pickelhaube with Case

Genuine Rare and Original cased Bavarian Artillery Reserve Officer helmet

Bavarian Artillery Reserve Officer Model 1897-1916 with Carrying Case. From the family in Germany. Beautiful and untouched helmet. Black lacquered leather helmet body with fire gilt trim. Helmet body has perfect form and firm stitching. Exterior lacquer is untouched and retains the soft talcum powder finish from being in the helmet case for over 100 years. Interior has the officer sweat leather and brown colored silk headliner.  The liner is in absolute MINT condition. Square front visor lined in green, back visor lined in red.

All metal trim has fine frosted finish that has never been cleaned or polished. Fire gilt crossed spike base with officer style pearl and diamond ring.  Instead of a fluted spike the helmet is furnished with the post 1916 ball top for the artillery regiments. It is rare to find an ORIGINAL Bavarian Artillery Officer with ball top. This is without doubt a genuine piece.  Frontplate is the Bavarian Gilt Frosted Wappen surrounded by two Lions with the "In treue fest" banner with the silver reserve cross in the center.  Rounded gilt chinscales on rosettes.  Officer style Reichs and Bavarian cockades.  Absolutely 100% Original and Untouched helmet with officer carrying case.

  • Ref.Head505
  • Overall condition Mint
  • State / Country Bavarian
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