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Bavarian Model 1916 Enlisted Pickelhaube

A classic wartime Pickelhaube


Bavarian Infantry Regiment, Enlisted Man Model 1916 (Bavarians adopted this pattern one year later than the Prussians). Black lacquered leather helmet body with field gray metal trim. Helmet body has firm stitching and is in excellent condition. Exterior finish is in near perfect condition. Interior has full undyed EM style leather liner. Leather still supple. Inside leather body is the wearers name handwritten in ink along with the Makers stamp from "Neu-Ulm" in Bavaria. No other markings inside helmet bell.

No extra holes in helmet body. All metal trim is field gray. Bavarian Line frontpate "In Treue Fest" motto that is attached to helmet body with loops and leather wedges (see interior photo). Round spike base attached with 4 split brad retainers. Spike is removable (bayonet type) at base which is proper for M1916. Old replacement leather chinstrap for M91 side lug. Original Bavarian and Reichs EM cockades. Classic Bavarian wartime helmet.

  • Ref.Head688
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Bavarian
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