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Bavarian Infantry Reserve Officers Pickelhaube

Unique Spike base. Mint Interior.

$1 850.00

Bavarian Line Infantry Officer Model 1897 (circa 1912). Recently found in a German Show Fine fiber (Depahag) body with fire gilt trim. Helmet body has excellent form and firm stitching. Exterior lacquer is shiny with perfect finish. Metal trim is fine fire gilt and has never been polished. Interior has soft leather headliner and light colored silk headliner. Interior visors colored red and green as is proper for Officer helmets. The inside is in absolute mint condition with no wear. The Depahag logo in marked in gold inside the lining
Officer style cross base spike with star retainers. Fluted spike is removable The special feature of this helmet is the “special” screw at base that allows for the total removal of spike at base. This was first presented in 1912 ( see copy of 1912 advertisement). It allows for the helmet to be packed into a smaller more compact box for transport (Auf Reisen keine Helmschachtel mehr erforderlich). Officer ribbed back spine. Flat gilt chinscales on rosettes. Officer Reichs and Bavarian officers cockades. Beautiful helmet in near mint condition. Combined with the fiber body, the special spike removal system, makes this helmet the height of fashion in 1912.

  • Ref.Head703
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Bavarian
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