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Bavarian Infantry of Foot Artillery Pickelhaube - MINT

One of the finest quality helmets we have offered

$1 495.00

Bavarian Infantry or Foot Artillery NCO helmet Model 1886. Recently purchased from an estate in Germany that took careful care of it throughout the years.  Black lacquered leather body with polished brass (and probably lacquered) trim.  Helmet body in excellent form and firm stitching.  Exterior lacquer in near flawless condition and has not been polished.  No extra holes in helmet body.  Interior liner is first quality EM black dyed tongued leather that retains original drawstring.  Interior visors are natural colored leather with no markings noted. 

In the top of helmet is a cross-shaped metal reinforcement plate under spike base. The front plate is a Beautiful large Bavarian Front Plate with the "In Treue Fest" bandeau.  Brass crossed spike base with pearl ring and removable fluted spike.  Spike base secured by 4 split brads. Back spine in brass. Early Bavarian side posts that resemble later M1891 Prussian style with flat chinscales.  Original 1-piece stamped Reich and Bavarian Cockades.  This helmet is probably a Private Purchase Pickelhaube. 100% Original and Untouched! One of the finest quality helmets we have offered on AOK.



  • Ref.Head643
  • Overall condition Mint
  • State / Country Bavarian
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