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Bavarian Felt Ersatz Enlisted Pickelhaube

American Doughboy souvenir.

$1 350.00
Bavarian Felt Ersatz Enlisted Pickelhaube

Bavarian Green Pressed felt Ersatz helmet for Infantry Enlisted Man circa 1914. VFW Hall find. Green pressed felt body with round front visor and brass trim. Helmet has good form and firm stitching. Exterior felt in excellent condition with no mothing or tears. Interior has black leather lining in overall excellent condition. No extra holes in helmet body. Round spike base with 4 brass brads at the spike base. Smooth spike that is not removable. This style has standard EM style back spine. Front plate is the Royal Bavarian coat of arms. Original Reichs and repainted Bavarian State cockades. Original brownish leather chinstrap with brass hardware on M1891 posts. Interior of front has with written name of wearer. A beautiful and untouched helmet. Absolutely original and rare in todays marketplace. Wonderful WWI American Doughboy souvenir.

  • Ref.Head500
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Bavarian
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