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Bavarian Ersatz Felt Pickelhaube - Named

Excellent to near mint.

$1 375.00

Very nice and large size helmet body in "Filz" or Felt. Body is in near mint shape with NO flaws to be seen. Brass trim with a round spike base and spike maintained by 4 brads. The metal plate that usually fits underneath the spike inside the helmet is here on top of the helmet body and we have left it as is. It seems that it was always that way as there are no trace of tempering whatsoever.

Brass Bavarian frontplate that fits over two grometted brass holes. Leather wedges missing. Original black, thin leather lining with the "Infantrist" "JOST E" named and what appears the "1st Ersatz ...." unit marking. Lining ihas tears and show some wear, but remains and belong to this helmet. Original Leather strap with a set of re-touche Cockades. A very nice overall helmet in excellent shape and condition.

  • Ref.Head561
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Bavarian