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Bavarian Ersatz "Bing" metal Infantry Pickelhaube

Very rare example of an early wartime ERSATZ.

$1 650.00

ERSATZ "BING" BLACK METAL HELMET. Bavarian Infantry ERSATZ Circa 1914. Fine black stamped metal helmet body with brass trim. Helmet body has perfect form. Exterior lacquer finish in excellent condition with only minor dings. No extra holes in body. Black leather tongue style liner in very good shape. Inside metal body it is stamped "Gebr. Bing - Nurnberg 15 - 54". Enlisted style spike top that does not untwist.

Original brass brads holding base to helmet body (one stud replaced with original brad). There is no back spine with this model. Front plate is the Bavarian Line Regiments brass frontplate. Front plate secured to helmet body by split brads. Original leather chinstrap. Original Reichs and Bavarian EM cockades. This helmet is in excellent condition. Very rare example of an early wartime ERSATZ Classic "Bing" Bavarian helmet.

  • Ref.Head721
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Bavarian