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Bavarian Ensemble for a Reserve Artillery Officer - Unique

Unique provenance - All from the same officer

$2 650.00

Ensemble consists of Vize Wachtmeister G. Beck's of the Reserve Artillery Munitions Colonne #4:

- His Pickelhaube in Black lacquered fiber made by Depaheg with gold trim. Cross Spike base with Fluted Bavarian Spike that unscrews to adapt the trichter with Red Plume. 3 gilt stars. Frontplate is the Bavarian Wappen in wartime metal with remains of gold finish. No extra holes. Convex gold chinscales maintained by rosettes over a set of Bavarian and Reichs Officers Cockades. Inside lining is the fancy type with the enterlaced ribbon. Brown Calfskin embossed with the Makers name "Depaheg Patent" and tan silk lining only a little dirty. Red & Green underlaid visors. Note helmet shell is still dusty as found from familly. Along with the helmet comes the original carrying box.

- The Red Horsehair Plume with Gold Fluted trichter. Plume remains with crisp red color in overall very nice condition.

- Two Pairs of Shoulder Boards. One set for the wartime uniform (one "pip" missing) and the other and the Other most likely for dress. Both have the numbers "116" for the unit. 

- The Officers Name tag to "G.Beck"

- The Officers Wartime brown leather Belt and Buckle (note the sliding "hooks" part is missing but easliy replaced).

A unique Ensemble seldomly found as a set directly from family.

  • Ref.Head646
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Bavarian
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