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Bavarian "Drillich" named to a One Year Volunter in the Artillery

Named to "Von Lossow" of the 9th Feldart. Regt.


Made of linen twill, the "Drillich" was a light work suit worn by troops and NCOs as part of their ... uniform'. Used to save their uniforms from unnecessary wear and tear, every soldier had a set of work clothes made of linen twill. These were worn for any heavy work, sometimes for barrack duty, and were also taken into the field. The suit was made of rough, grey linen which faded with every wash'. Period photographs show them being worn on stable duty, by field cooks, during bayonet fencing, polishing boots, cleaning rifles, etc.

This Drillich has the light blue (Bavarian) collar piping that seems to indicates Gefreiter rank, there were no shoulder pieces on these altough it looks like there was a set a somepoint as only higher rank NCO's wore a braid. Only  It is missing the six zinc front buttons, otherwise excellent to near mint condition.

Named to "Von Lossow of the 9th Feldart. Regt. 4. Batterie". The only Von Lossow we found in the "Ehrenranglisten" of 1918 ist listed in the "GeneralStab ZentralStelle Munchen" as OberstLeutnant V.Lossow. And again in the "Offiziers Ranglisten der Koenig. Bayerischen Armee" as a Majore in the Stab (Gnl Staff) of the Bavarian 1st Field Artillery Regt.

  • Ref.Misc58FR
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Bavarian