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Baden 109th Leib Grenadier Regiment Officers Pickelhaube

Near Mint Condition

$6 900.00

Baden 109th Life Grenadier Regiment (Hdq: Karlsruhe) Officers helmet Model 1897.  The Elite Badisches Leib-Grenadier-Regt. Nr.109  was the Life Guard Regiment of the Grand Duke of Baden.  It was initially founded  as the Infanterie-Regiment Erbprinz on 23rd March 1803. In the Franco-Prussian War fought at the Battle of Nuits.

Beautiful black lacquered leather helmet with silver metal trim. The helmet body has excellent form and firm stitching. No extra holes in helmet body. Exterior lacquer finish is in excellent condition with no damage. All metal trim remains bright with original high frosted finish. Interior of the helmet has officer style sweat leather and brown silk headliner. Inner visors are colored red and green. All in excellent condition. 

The frontplate is the frosted white metal heraldic Baden Griffon with the star of the Baden House Order of the Loyal (Hausorden der Treue) on the breast. In the center of the star is the cross of the order enameled in red.  Round spike base with gold star retainer and a tall silver spike that unscrews. Gilded flat chinscales maintained by silver rosettes. Reichs and Baden officers Cockades.

Much sought after impressive helmet from an elite regiment.  The helmet is in a condition that is seldom seen today.


  • Ref.Head992
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Baden
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