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Prussian Garde Jäger or Schützen Model 1915 - MINT

Quite a rare and unusual Shako in pristine condition.

$1 150.00
Prussian Garde Jäger or Schützen Model 1915 - MINT

Prussian Guard Jaeger or Schutzen EM Model 1915. This shako helmet was also used by Luftschiffer and Aviation units. Out of the woodwork find. Black leather body in excellent to mint form and firm stitching. Excellent lacquer finish overall. Interior has the EM style tan leather headliner in excellent and soft condition. Prussian Guard Star for shakos in "Feldgrau". No extra holes in helmet body.

Original leather chinstrap and Original Reichs Cockard (note the helmet also has the Prussian State Cockard?? but this has been the case for ages as the Cockard is firmy attached within the lacquer and will not come off without risking to damage the helmet), Field badge is a reproduction. Quite a rare and unusual Shako. Outstanding helmet tough to upgrade.

  • Ref.Head464
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Prussian
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