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Prussian Enlisted Infantry Pickelhaube Model 1915

Unit marked to the 69th Infantry Regiment

Prussian Enlisted Infantry Pickelhaube Model 1915

Prussian 69th Infantry Regiment ( 7th Rhinelander Reft. - Headquartered in Trier) Enlisted Man Model1915. Nice helmet found in a Texas Veterans estate sale. Black lacquered helmet body with field gray trim. Helmet has good form and firm stitching. Leather as can be seen on pictures is nearly flawless. No extra holes. Field gray trim in excellent shape. Front plate is the Prussian Line Eagle in excellent condition. Old replacement leather chinstrap with repainted Reichs and Prussian cockades. Original EM style liner in good condition. Marked on back visor "I.R 69" Great representative of the classic Prussian wartime Field Gray helmet. Probably a WWI Doughboy souvenir as Trier was occupied by US forces. Great wartime piece.

  • Ref.Head394
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Prussian