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Prussian / Hanoverian 73rd Fusilier Regiment Officers Pickelhaube

Near Mint condition helmet. Rare almost impossible to find in untouched condition.

$3 500.00
Prussian / Hanoverian 73rd Fusilier Regiment Officers Pickelhaube

Prussian / Hannover 73rd Fusilier Regiment "General Field Marshall Prince Albrecht of Prussia", Officer Model 1897 after 1899. Recently found on our buying trip to Germany. Black lacquered leather helmet body with fine fire gilded trim. Helmet is untouched. Body has excellent form with no flaws and firm stitching. Exterior lacquer is softly wavy from age (see photo). Soft sweat leather helmet lining with silk headliner. Silk is in excellent condition. Inside visors are colored red and green. Fine fire gilded line Prussian Eagle front plate with the added banners "Peninsula" and "Waterloo" for service in the British Kings German Legion who fought in the Spanish Peninsular War against Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.This plate was awarded to the regiment in 1899. Helmet has 2 small extra holes in helmet body for the 1899 plate .Tall officers spike and base with 4 gold stars at base. Flat gold chinscales with gold rosettes. Standard Reichs and Prussian Officer style cockades. Rare regimental helmet is beautiful condition. Please note that the Plate sits firmly into the helmet, roving it for picturing may risk to damge the lacker. We will NOT remove the plate as it laways belonged to this helmet. Besides the soft and even crazing of the leather, this helmet is in NEAR MINT condition with all matching fire gilding.

  • Ref.Head415
  • Overall condition Near mint
  • State / Country Prussian
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