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Hessen 24th Dragoon Enlisted Pickelhaube

Nicely Marked to the 24 D.R. A Rare Regimental Helmet.

$1 795.00
Hessen 24th Dragoon Enlisted Pickelhaube

Grand Ducal Hessen 24th Dragoon Enlisted Pickelhaube, circa 1890. Black lacquered leather helmet body with German silver trim. Helmet has good form and firm stitching Exterior lacquer with some surface crazing and honnest age. Helmet bell has 2 other cut holes above the original gromets although plate and gromets have a perfect fit! Interior leather liner is very nice and supple with some minor damage towards the rear near the back visor. Liner has a "Capture Tag" attched to it, most likely by the British Solder who has brought it home. 

Interior visors are natural color, back visor is mfaintly marked by the "24 DR" along with the B.A.stamp. Back visor has two slits on either side...maybe some form of attachment to wall or else?  Exterior metal trim in excellent condition. Hessen frontplate retained to helmet body with the original loop retainers. Hessen style crossed spike base retained to helmet body with round dome retainers. Screw off Hessen style fluted spike as these regiments wear a black plume for parades. Back spine has 2 rivets which is proper for Hessen helmets. Rounded silver chinscales over M91 posts. Reichs (retouched) and non-serrated Hessen state cockades. A rare regimental helmet that has obviously nice hitory to it.

  • Ref.Head490
  • Overall condition Very good
  • State / Country Hessen
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