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Bavarian Ersatz Officers Pickelhaube - RARE

Extra Rare Model - Wartime Aluminium fabrication

$3 450.00
Bavarian Ersatz Officers Pickelhaube - RARE

Very Scares version of a Bavarian Infantry Officers Helmet. Aluminium Helmet shell extra Light with black Laquer. Some very minor dents to shell but overall condition is absolutely flawless for such a "fragile" helmet. Not only is the shell particularly thin and light, but even the the parts that are covered (Spike base and frontpale) have been carefully cut out to lighten is further (or save on expensive material as aluminium was a scares commodity).

Gilt Brass Bavarian Officers frontplate in extra thin stamping with one crown missing and the other barely holding to the lion. Tall Bavarian spike that does NOT unscrew as it could not bear the wheight of a Trichter + Bush. Cross base with gilt stars as retainers. Convex Gilt chinscales with rosettes over a set of Reichs and Bavarian Officers pattern Cockades. Inside lining is of full officers grade, also very light and thin, but in excellent to near mint condition. A genuine and untouched helmet that is seldomly found on the market. RARE and UNTOUCHED!

  • Ref.Head554
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Bavarian