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Bavarian Chevauleger Model 1915 Enlisted Pickelhaube

100% original helmet.

$2 350.00
Bavarian Chevauleger Model 1915 Enlisted Pickelhaube

Bavarian field gray trimmed Field Artillery -Chevauleger EM M1915. Black lacquer leather helmet body with field gray trim. Helmet body has very good form. Exterior lacquer in good condition. Body has no extra holes. Inside the helmet bell is a stamping of maker and dated 1916. Interior has EM style leather non-dyed liner. Markings on back visor but not legible. Field Gray fittings have nice soft phoshate finish. Field gray fluted removable spike and cross base. Unusual Spike is the pattern that DOES NOT have a pearl ring. Original leather strap (note there is a small repair to strap) on M1891 side lugs with EM Reichs and Bavarian NCO cockades. Front plate is the large Bavarian that has screw back with original Bavarian style wing nuts. 100% original helmet.

  • Ref.Head407
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Bavarian