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Baden 110th Grenadier Enlisted Pickelhaube

Back visor stamped "R.110" and dated "1906"

$1 450.00
Baden 110th Grenadier Enlisted Pickelhaube

Baden Grenadier EM model 1895. Black lacquered leather body with round front visor -small tear- and gold trim. Helmet has excellent form and firm stitching. Exterior lacquer is in good shape but has some light shrinkage and flaking to the black lacquer. Interior has an EM style leather lining in very nice condition, still supple. 

Frontplate is the Baden Dragon/Griffin retained by two leather wedges. Back visor stamped "R.110" and dated "1906". Round spike base with 4 split brads at the spike base. Gold spike that unscrews for a Haarbush during Parade. NO extra holes in helmet body. Chinstrap and Baden Cockade are modern replacements, Reichs Cockade is Original. A nice example of a unusal "Grenadier" outfit.

  • Ref.Head397
  • Overall condition Excellent
  • State / Country Baden